New Look Landscapes Calgary Blog - 6 Ways to Prep Yard for Fall

6 Ways You Can Prep Your Yard For Fall

As the leaves start to fall and a cooler breeze sweeps across Calgary, it’s time to start thinking about prepping your yard for the fall. Here are 6 tips to consider to help get your garden ready for cooler weather:

  1. Move your herb garden indoors: If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your lovely herb garden just yet, you can move them indoors toa place where there is m of light, which can help them last a little longer. If they’re not in the best condition then you can always try harvesting them and drying them out to use in the winter months.
  2. Clear your annuals: Because annuals are only good for one growing season, it can be a good idea to clear them out before the snow flies. This way you can make some room for more plants and space will be ready to prep for new annuals, once spring comes around.
  3. Plant trees or shrubs: Just because the temperatures are getting cooler doesn’t mean your planting has to stop. Fall can still be a good time to plant trees and shrubs because the soil is still warm enough for the roots to become established. If you get it done early enough, the plants and shrubs may have more time to get accustomed to their new home before the winter season kicks in.
  4. Add mulch in bare areas: Look around for places where there are bare spots of soil or areas for potential new plants. If you already have mulch elsewhere in your yard,  then add some mulch to bare areas or top-up thinning areas. This can help keep in a small extra layer of insulation for your garden.
  5. Fertilize the lawn: There’s nothing worse than having dried up grass once the winter months clear away, so now is the time to make sure your lawn is getting the proper nutrients throughout the winter. Fertilizer is a great way to help your grass get the proper nutrients to survive the colder temperatures. Look for fertilizer designed for cooler months, like fall or winter-prep mixes.
  6. Plan for Any Spring Upgrades. As you tidy your yard, you might spot some opportunities for a new feature you’d like to add: a new tree, a dedicated fire pit area, a clear stone pathway, additional seating with a new seating wall…ideas could be endless! Bear in mind any challenge spots you may need to solve or any new additions you may wish to add as you work through your winter yard prep, then start planning for those changes when the weather warms up again by researching your ideas, mapping your design, or connecting with a professional to help you! We work with a lot of homeowners who “book early” in the fall, so their renovations can start early in the spring and be ready for use for more of the warm season!

Just like we need to prepare for the cooler seasons, so does your yard. These 6 tips will ensure your yard is ready for the cooler months, making it easier to prepare your own great outdoors in the spring.