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Quality Landscaping for Your Home

From hardscape construction to planting softscape installations, our team of landscapers can help you create beautiful outdoor designs in your front and back yard space.

Our Landscaping Services include:

Patios & Paths

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Fire Pit Areas

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Retaining Walls

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Decks & Fences

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Plants & Trees

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Sod & Irrigation

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New Look Landscapes Calgary - Lakeside Paver Stone Patio


Patios, Pathways & Walkways

We specialize in hardscaping construction, like paver stone patios and pathways. This is a great way to craft a durable, stylish base for your outdoor project with many benefits, including helping you to:

Establish an Elegant Foundation

Paver stone patios are an excellent way to elevate your space with structured flexibility.

Create Definition and Structure

Easily structure your space for form and function using well-designed walkways with integrated patio spaces.

Elevate Your Curb Appeal

Enhance your home’s appearance with an upgraded front walkway or integrate a dedicated backyard pathway to minimize lawn wear.


Backyard Firepits

Paver stones and bricks also serve as great material to create a safe, dedicated firepit area in your yard while you keep those seasonal nights cozy with good friends and good s’mores around the fire.

Whether it’s a standalone firepit, portable fire bowl, gas fire table, or statement-making stone fireplace, the benefits of a backyard fire pit area include helping you:

Dedicate a Safer Spot for Firepits

Having a dedicated stone patio as the foundation for your firepit protects your grass, garden and other yard elements with a dedicated, spacious area.

Make a Statement with a Focal Gathering Space

Firepit areas are a great way to create specific gathering spaces in your yard, helping make your time outside and around the fire one that everyone in your home can enjoy together.

Enhance Versatility with Outdoor Rooms

Designing your space for outdoor ‘rooms’, the same way you do for your interior living, is the key to leveraging your yard as an extension of your home.

New Look Landscapes Calgary - Projects: Backyard Firepit and Patio with Adirondack Chairs, Trees, Garden and Twinkle Lights
New Look Landscapes - Landscaping Services and Hardscaping Construction -Stone Retaining Wall Garden Beds


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls constructed of stone or brick can be an invaluable addition to protecting – and defining – your yard’s slope, shape or integrity. Though these can be made with wood as well, we usually recommend these are done with more durable, long-lasting rock material. Retaining walls will help you:

Fortify the Slope of Your Yard

Retaining walls are good way to protect from slope erosion. This is especially valuable in front or backyards with a very steep slope, but many yards of various grades can benefit from a retaining wall.

Design for Shape and Stability

Using a retaining wall, we can create level areas that can be used for planting trees, shrubs, and gardens or adding a patio. 

Maximize the Functionality of Your Outdoors

Retaining walls can be a fun way to get creative in maximizing the use of your space. A retaining wall can be crafted to serve a secondary purpose, such as a seating wall, as an elegant alternative to adding more patio chairs or garden beds to take a sloped backyard into a multilevel living area without sacrificing space for blooms to grow.

Hardscapes + SOFTSCAPES

Additional Landscaping Services

Landscape design can include both hardscape construction (the non-living elements of your yard) and softscape installation (such as sod, gardens, plants and trees). Our team of landscape experts has years of experience bringing this all together for a complete yard transformation.

Additional services include:

Decks & Fences

With a wide variety of wood and design possibilities, wooden structures like decks and fences can reinforce the organic flow and feel of your yard. Benefits include:

  • A more secure space for kids and pets
  • Natural structure for privacy
  • Cost-saving opportunities for neighbours sharing a fence build
New Look Landscapes - Landscaping Services - Sod Gardens and Tree Planting

Plants & Trees

Large or small, every yard can benefit from the beauty and function trees, shrubs, flowers and plants welcoming you home. Benefits include:

  • Improved curb appeal
  • Augmented aesthetic with more variety
  • Natural shade, privacy and even some soundproofing

Sod & Irrigation

Fresh green grass can be a small addition with big impact. We work with our local suppliers to source the best quality sod available. Benefits include:

  • Lush, colourful foundation
  • Irrigation systems can to watering
  • More efficient watering (especially great during restriction periods!)

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