New Look Landscapes Calgary Blog: 5 Things to Consider in Planning Yard Upgrades

5 Things to Consider When Planning Yard Upgrades

Whether a whole new yard or a few new updates, adding a little landscaping to your home design helps give you more living space, more room to call home sweet home. Landscaping is typically a blend of hardscaping and softscaping, bringing together multiple elements to create a complete design.

As you plan your landscaping wishlist, bring together ideas rooted in both hardscaping and softscaping. Here are some key considerations to remember for both, to help shape your new outdoor space.

When planning your trees, shrubs and plants, remember:

Spacing: consider the growth maturation of what you plant, both vertically and horizontally. Draw this out or create a wishlist of your ideal plants and work with a professional to map these out with the right spacing to facilitate full growth potential.

Pacing:  an abundance of greenery can sometimes require more management to upkeep, which can also mean your space could become easily overgrown or overwhelming.

Placing: know your zone and plan for the environment you live in. Alberta is typically suited for plants zoned for 2B or 3A, so be sure you are selecting plants noted in this range.

When planning your hardscape elements, remember:

Form: hardscaping can come in a variety of forms, whether it’s stonework, brickwork, wood or composite, all of which come in a variety of styles and colors. Look for materials and finishes that are either consistent with or complimentary to your overall design.

Function: hardscape elements can be decorative, supportive or foundational to your yard. Each function is non-exclusive of each other, meaning a retaining wall could be a critical supportive element in protecting the slope of your yard but can also serve as a decorative focal point of your yard. Decide the functions you need your yard to serve and design with that purpose in mind.

Remember to consider hardscaping the foundation of your yard. Start with hardscaping to help define the key aspects of your yard. Let your softscape decisions help augment, accent, and embellish. Finding the right blend of function and aesthetic, color balance, and surface variety will create a whole new room to call your home sweet outdoor home.

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